I list measurements with each piece, including the length of chain for necklaces, the length that earrings will hang starting from the top of the ear wire, the circumference, or otherwise distance around, of bracelets, and ring band sizes.

Please know your ring size prior to ordering.  Please visit a professional jeweler or jewelry store to determine your ring size. Due to the type of metalwork and stone setting I do, I will not be able to resize a ring for you.  

I do not offer refunds, exchanges, or returns.  Please know your size prior to ordering, and feel free to contact me with any questions.


Damage that occurs to a piece under the buyer's care, is the buyer's responsibility.  Proper care is necessary and is the responsibility of the buyer.

General Care-Avoid contact with lotions, perfumes, oils, or sprays as these can affect the metal, beads, or stones.  When handling jewelry, do so over soft surfaces and avoid hard surfaces such as wood, tile, or stone.  Always remove your jewelry before swimming, sleeping, bathing, or participating in any heavy activity or exercise. Store your metal jewelry in a plastic bag, or a jewelry box.  

Metals-Although strong, metals are not indestructible.  Repeated pressure on metal surfaces or solder joints will weaken them over time.  Metal can also be scratched or dented if not cared for properly.  Please avoid wearing metal pieces during activities that may cause repeated abuse such as bending, catching, or scratching the metal.  You may clean your metal with soap and water or a polishing cloth to help remove unwanted oxidization.

Stones-Both cabochons, as well as beads that are made from precious and semi-precious stones must be handled with care. Dropping gemstones on a hard surface risks chipping or breaking them. Broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged stones are the responsibility of the buyer once the piece has been mailed. 

Beaded Work-When storing beaded work, please do so in a way that allows the length of the piece to either lay flat or hang so it is fully extended.  Do not fold, crease, or otherwise bend beaded work while not wearing it as this may distort the way it hangs and weaken the threading system over time.  Beaded work should not be pulled at or tugged on while it is being worn, or otherwise.

Chains-Remove all chains before sleeping, bathing, or intense physical activity.  Chains of all metals will oxidize over time, but you can use a polishing cloth to shine them up or remove some unwanted oxidization.


Due to the nature of this work, refunds will not be offered. In some cases, exchanges for the same monetary value may be offered at the maker's discretion.  If this is the case, the buyer will be responsible for all shipping costs. I strive for the highest level of craftsmanship I can provide, but in the event that I have made an error, I will do my best to accommodate the customer.


I will do my best to get your order shipped as quickly as possible. Please allow 3-5 business days for your item to ship, and 5-10 days for a made-to-order item. These days are in addition to the days the item is in transit with USPS. In some cases a rush order may be an option at the discretion of the maker. Please contact me via email with any questions. A rush order will have a flat $30 fee.
Molly Rose Jewelry Nashville has fulfilled its obligation to the buyer once the items have been sent to the post office, and is not responsible for lost, stolen, or otherwise damaged items from transit.  Please read the options for insurance and shipping below.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or if you need help filing a claim.
All items will be shipped using the following USPS options below.  Shipping cost will be calculated based on the selected shipping preference as well as the weight of the item being shipped.
  • USPS first class mail (2-5 days)

Insurance Information

The following insurance rates are covered if you select the listed shipping preferences;

  • First Class Mail - no insurance provided
  • Priority Mail - up to $100
  • Priority Mail Express - up to $100 and includes signature confirmation

    There is an option to add additional insurance through my site.  Please go to the bracelets & accessories collection.  There are two products there that offer additional insurance.  The first offers $200 of insurance for $3.50 and the second offers $500 of insurance for $7.50.  Please add one of these choices to your cart before checkout.  These costs will be in addition to the cost of the shipping selection you choose at checkout.  You will not be charged tax for this add-on once it's in your cart.  Please contact me before purchase at with questions about insurance add-ons.


    I have nexus in the state of Tennessee, therefore sales tax will be collected if you order from/live in Tennessee.


    I offer a few items/designs that are made-to-order.  This means once the order is placed, I must make the item before it is shipped.  Due to this, slight variations in color and material may exist from order to order, or from the pictures. Please allow 5-10 business days for made-to-order items to ship.  Please contact me before purchasing via email at with any questions.