About Molly Rose Jewelry Nashville

I was always interested in pursuing different arts and crafts while growing up, from friendship bracelets, to sewing & knitting, to gimp & friendly plastic, to painting and drawing, and photography. 

One of my first memories is working on a drawing as a very young child. I loved the process of seeing something in the world around me and figuring out how to make it, whether that be a crafting technique I wanted to learn, or a material or image around which I wanted to create something.  I still love to do many fine arts and crafts as hobbies but jewelry making is something I must do, the practice that still fulfills this process I developed as a child. 

Although I had made jewelry for most of my life, l began to offer it to the public once I moved to Nashville, due to a friend and shop owner convincing me to give it a try.  The support I have received from my Nashville friends and family has been overwhelming, and has become a big part of my identity as a jewelry maker.  Nashville gave me the confidence to show my work to the public, and to believe that other people identified with my process and product.  

My hope is that wearing my jewelry contributes to the self-expression of others.  I feel an expression of self and a connection to every piece I make because of my process.  I visualize and construct each piece as if I were making it for myself. Making each piece truly fulfills me, and I hope that you will enjoy wearing your piece as much as I enjoy making it!